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The company has initiated and in process to start of production facilities as per PIC/S guidelines for oral and injectables dosage along with Lyophilization in the therapeutic segment of Oncology.

The company has developed certain new formulations under the segment of Antiretrovirals and Immunosuppressants.

The plant of the company and its associates are undergoing inspection for approval of PIC/S certification.

No Name No Name
   1 Antiretroviral   11 Antifungal
   2 Anti-TB   12 Antihelmintics
   3 Immunosuppressant   13 Antihistamines & Antitussive
   4 Antihypertensives / Cardiovascular   14 Antiemetics
   5 Antdiabetic   15 Antipsychotics
   6 Anticancer   16 Anti-inflammatory / Anti-rheumatic
   7 Antibacterials   17 Antispasmodics
   8 Antiulcerant   18 Corticosteroid
   9 Antiallergics   19 Haemostatics
  10 Antidepressant   20 Dietary supplement/
Nutritional Supplement

The provision of prescription medicines is supported by a marketing and sales department, a medical and regulatory department, a recently established research and development facility and an operations department which manages the outsourcing of manufacturing at their associate WHO-GMP approved facility.

The majority of the products marketed are for the treatment or prevention of chronic or recurrent illnesses. LOK-BETA concentrates on many particular therapeutic area such as Cardiovascular, Antiviral, Antidiabetes, AntiTB and Antimalarial. However, it also markets products of different therapeutic area such as Antibiotics, Cephalosporin and Anticancer. The Company has also entered in the segment of biosimilar products. The Company currently markets a portfolio of over 100 pharmaceutical products based on different active compounds all of which are solid under the Company’s brand and generic name.

The Directors believe that growth has been and will continue to be achieved through the Company’s marketing led approach and its ability to offer a wide range of products. The Directors’ intention is therefore to maintain future growth through the pursuit of strategies relating to

- Product research and development
- Marketing and sales
- Ultra modern facility at Thane for oral dosages.
- New facility as per WHO-GMP norms at Goa for Anticancer products.

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