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The company has initiated and in process to start of production facilities as per PIC/S guidelines for oral and injectables dosage along with Lyophilization in the therapeutic segment of Oncology.

The company has developed certain new formulations under the segment of Antiretrovirals and Immunosuppressants.

The plant of the company and its associates are undergoing inspection for approval of PIC/S certification.

No Name No Name
   1 Antiretroviral   11 Antifungal
   2 Anti-TB   12 Antihelmintics
   3 Immunosuppressant   13 Antihistamines & Antitussive
   4 Antihypertensives / Cardiovascular   14 Antiemetics
   5 Antdiabetic   15 Antipsychotics
   6 Anticancer   16 Anti-inflammatory / Anti-rheumatic
   7 Antibacterials   17 Antispasmodics
   8 Antiulcerant   18 Corticosteroid
   9 Antiallergics   19 Haemostatics
  10 Antidepressant   20

Dietary supplement/
Nutritional Supplement
Strength: 10mg & 20mg
Dosage: Tablets
Indication: Rheumatic Disorders, Ophthalmic Diseases Severe acute and chronic allergic.
Strength: 20mg, 40mg, 125mg, 250mg & 500mg
Dosage: Dry Powder Injection
Indication: Acute Spinal cord Injury, Acute Status Asthmaticus & Hematological Disorders
Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate
Strength: 5mg /5ml
Dosage: Suspension
Indication: - It is indicated in the following conditions:- Allergics States, Dermatologic , Gastrointestinal, Neoplastic , Respiratory diseases, Nervous System and Endocrine, Hematologic, Rheumatic disorders.
Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate
Strength: 30mg/ml
Dosage: liquid Injection
Indication: Rheumatic Disorders , Ophthalmic Diseases Severe acute and chronic allergic.
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