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The company has initiated and in process to start of production facilities as per PIC/S guidelines for oral and injectables dosage along with Lyophilization in the therapeutic segment of Oncology.

The company has developed certain new formulations under the segment of Antiretrovirals and Immunosuppressants.

The plant of the company and its associates are undergoing inspection for approval of PIC/S certification.


The Directors consider marketing to be LOK-BETA’s key strength and invest significant resources in this area. The company has extensive database and obtains regular feedback on customer purchasing patterns and preferences and doctor prescribing habits. These detailed information’s are used to direct the company’s promotional spend, sales force activity, product development programmes and to identify new product opportunities.

LOK-BETA has their own branch office at MOSCOW, KIEV & MINSK to look after the marketing operations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Central Asian Part of CIS countries.

The focus on quality and customer friendly approach has led LOK-BETA to export its products to over 20 countries.

Commonwealth of Independent States
Azerbaijan Belarus Kazakhstan Maldova Russia Ukraine
South East Asia
Indonesia Malaysia Myanmar Philippines Thailand Vietnam
Latin America
Guatemala Honduras Peru Trinidad & Tobago    
Ghana Kenya Nigeria Tanzania Uganda  
Middle East
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