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The company has initiated and in process to start of production facilities as per PIC/S guidelines for oral and injectables dosage along with Lyophilization in the therapeutic segment of Oncology.

The company has developed certain new formulations under the segment of Antiretrovirals and Immunosuppressants.

The plant of the company and its associates are undergoing inspection for approval of PIC/S certification.



LOK-BETA’s focus on Total Quality Management and Formulation Development has been the driving force for developing and building its capability to develop and launch more than 50 off-patented new molecules in antiretroviral and cardiac segments in a short span of one year.

The drug development encompasses both small and large molecules.

Experienced and Qualified Scientists develop new formulations as well as improve the stability and efficacy of existing products in the independent and well-equipped Formulation and Development department.

Scale-up of the development batches is carried out with scientific and laid down procedure.


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