Caring Health Globally

The company has initiated and in process to start of production facilities as per PIC/S guidelines for oral and injectables dosage along with Lyophilization in the therapeutic segment of Oncology.

The company has developed certain new formulations under the segment of Antiretrovirals and Immunosuppressants.

The plant of the company and its associates are undergoing inspection for approval of PIC/S certification.

The company has been approved by PIC/s certification.


LOK-BETA was incepted in the year 2002 with an aim set on becoming Global leader in pharmaceutical market.

Today, with operations in more than 20 countries worldwide, we are a forward looking company and one of the players in the Indian pharmaceutical scene, set on the right direction in turning our dream into reality. Values, management principles and business ethics act as a compass to direct the company to success. Having recognition for affordability, reliability and quality, LOK-BETA is now poised for major break through in cross-boundary sales.

Our Vision
To maintain our rate as a Global buyer in the pharma industry and supply value added products at reasonable prices. We will ensure that our organization is propitious for both our Associates and Employees.
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